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Our products are manufactured using virgin grade raw materials brought from various reputable companies such as The Polyolefin Company (Singapore) and ExxonMobil Chemical Singapore etc. Raw materials used for production comply with RoHS directive (EU Directive 2002/95/EC).


Nippon Plastic food packaging products are compliant with:

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Plastic films can be colored, perforated, pinned holed, punched holed and sealed in many unconventional shapes and sizes to provide unique designs for various applications. Additional customizations can be made to meet customers specifications.


For the local market, we have a fleet of transport vehicles to meet our customer’s stringent delivery schedules.


All products are produced in house with strict control over quality and precision.


Shrink Film

Shrink Hood Shrink Hood

Shrink films are an alternative solution to stretch hood films. While the application of heat is required to shrink the film, a variety of shrinking properties can be formulated to suit your individual needs. These films are designed for applications where transportation, protection and containment are paramount. Compared to traditional film wraps, shrink films will have a clearer indication of pilfering evidence. Our films can be customized to various width and diameter to suit your shrink packing machines.


Shrink hood is design to work with shrink hood machines; which uses the film to cover the product loosely, followed by supplying heat (commonly through an oven via a converyor belt) to shrink the film nicely over the product.


Pallet Cover / Goods Cover

Pallet Cover

Pallet covers are used to protect pallet goods from dust, rain, damage and is impervious to rot and mildew. They are custom made to your specified sizes and can be simply placed over your products snugly, which are perfect for storage. We are able to produce pallet covers which are capable of shrinking upon the application of heat. These shrink covers provide additional stability and security during transport.


We carry stock of various sizes to suit different needs, please email us for availability.


Barrier Film

Water Barrier Film Barrier films are plastic packaging films which restrict the passage of gas, vapor and/or aroma. These films can be multi-layered, with each layer serving different functions, or mono-layer with specific barrier properties. We are able to manufacture a variety of barrier films and bags which caters specifically to your barrier requirements.


Builder Roll

Builder Roll Builder rolls are rolls that can be opened up to large size sheets and are mainly used for construction and other industrial work. This versatile plastic is commonly used for protection over large areas.


LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE Film and Bag

LD Tubing Nippon Plastic has the capabilities to produces these films/bags with different attributes specifically for each customer; commonly with printed logos for promoting brand awareness. They can be used manually or by machines (automatic packing).


Amide/Silicon Oil Free Tubing & Bag

Amide Free Tubing Amide/Silicon Oil free PE bags and rolls are generally low density polyethylene(PE), free from additive of amide, DOP and silicon oil. These are good for packing metal parts, components and casting without contamination.


Anti-Static Tubing & Bag

These bags are used for packing components which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge, which reduce or eliminate build up of static electricity generally caused by the triboelectric effect. Its role is to provide a conductive medium which discharges static electricity to the atmosphere, henceforth protecting its content. Please note that antistatic properties are subject to deterioration with time and wear.


Static Shielding Bag/Moisture Barrier Bag

Static Shielding Bags These bags protect against static charge and moisture from both inside and outside with three layers of anti-static protection. These bags consist of a conductive aluminum shield layer buried between 2 static dissipative polymeric plastic layers.


Zip Lock Bag

Zip Lock High re-usability rate with cost saving advantages. These bags are airtight and are commonly used for general purpose.